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Notice: I haven't made any projects in weeks because of mainly procrastination but don't worry in a couple days I will be uploading a ton of projects to make up for it :D


This is not a game nor animation it is a remixing meme (not to be confused with the term 'internet meme'). Press space. There are questions the meme asks you that you usually answer with a drawing of you or your character answering it. Please don't ask what this is because these type of memes have been on Scratch for years now.

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Q: What is a proxy?

A: A person being controlled by Slenderman ex: Masky, Hoody, Firebrand.

Q: What is Slenderman?

A: He is a paranormal entity that stalks children.

Q: What does this project do?

A: Scroll to the top of the project notes.

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