Polar Rush

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Notes and Credits (added by eRKSToCK)

Music and sounds were made by my bro, so please give him some love :)

Gameplay trailer!

If you wanna try to beat my score, my high-score in the flash player is 205!
EDIT: My new highscore, and probably The highscore is 197

If you get 278 or more, dont bother commenting on it because thats the score you get if you dont touch the controls...


Hello again fellow scratchers and that kinda stuff!

About a year ago I decided to make a christmas themed physics-based snowboarding game. My knowledge in programming techniques was questionable at the time, so i abandoned the project when the character didnt stop jiggling and sinking through the ground.

Now, a year later, filled with physics adventures and stuff, the same need for a physics-based snowboarding game started to rise... This time it was a lot easier, because I've already made a physics engine. I decided to use free rider scratch'd because it was the latest version with some buggfixes that never got updated in the other physics projects, and it became Polar Rush.

This time I have music and sound effects too! (yay) because my bro helped out with his FruityLoops that we bought this summer :) You can turn the music and sounds off though, but i recommend that you leave them on ;)
My bro had a lot of stuff going on though, so that's why this is released now and not on the 25th. Also, that time delay lead to vast amounts of polishing and bug fixing, (I even added credits and INSTRUCTIONS! woah) so thanks to my bro theres no bug that makes the character warp through the ground ;) (I nearly didnt even try to fix that bug, but since i had nothing to do...)

Anyways, enjoy the game!

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