Tower Defense Template

by Zro716
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In this Tower Defense Game, you get to create your own map and test it out against wave after wave of enemies! Let's get straight to the controls:

Space - switch between Create Map and Add Torrents Modes.

Create Map Mode Controls:
A - Road (must connect at least one enemy starting spot and one base)
S - Torrent Area (where torrents can be placed)
D - Eraser
F - Base (one at a time)
G - Enemy starting positions (one at a time)
L and R arrow keys - change to next grid color (in order as listed above)

Add Torrents Mode Controls:
- Click on a fully colored torrent to hold it. Move it to a green spot and click again to place. Your $ will decrease according to the torrent you place. (see below for costs of each torrent)
- If you do not want to place a torrent, simply move it back to the palette.
- You can sell a torrent already placed on the grid by clicking on it again, and entering "yes" into the ask box.

Other Controls:
Play/Stop - green triangle at bottom right. Starts wave of enemy units if a road connects to a starting point.
Floppy Disk - saves the current map. Can save up to three maps. If you already saved three, it asks to replace a map.
Folder - Opens an existing saved map.
Trash Can - clears current map, or deletes a saved one.

Torrent Info:
-Basic Torrents (cost 200, range 60, medium rate, 2 dmg)
-Heavy Torrents (cost 400, range 100, fast rate, 4 dmg)
-Missile Torrents (cost 800, range 140, slow rate, 8 dmg)
-Regen Torrent (cost 1000, every 30 seconds in battle, heals one life)

-Recon (value 25, health 25, fast speed)
-Light Tank (value 50, health 50, slow speed)
-Heavy Tank (value 75, health 100, slow speed)
-Super Tank (value 100, health 250, slow speed)
-Missile Tank (value 125, health 500, slow speed, decreases lives by 2 if reaching a base)

Thank you for reading this all. As a bonus, here's some cheats to this:
-Hold z to increase $
-press v to show/hide torrent info

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