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Physics: 2D Motion Scratch Project

Overview: The program models the ball drop/shoot and drop demonstration from class. The red and the black ball begin at the same y-position in the model, and despite having different initial velocities, the balls accelerate in the same direction, at the same rate, and hit the ground at the same time due to the standard gravity constant for the planet Earth.

User instructions:
1. Click the green flag to begin the program. Once clicked, a force will act on the red ball, causing it to move in a positive direction along the x-axis. Once the red ball reaches the end of the table and begins to move along the y-axis, the black ball will begin to move in a negative direction down the y-axis. Since the balls move down the y-axis at the same rate of acceleration, regardless of direction, they reach the ground at the same time.

2. At this table, someone took off the clear tube that attaches to all of the table sinks in Kingsley, leaving a small droplet of water on the end of the faucet. Click on the water droplet to make it fall from the faucet.

Notes and Credits

1. Guidance from Mr. Segesdy

2. Images for the red ball, black ball, and unrelated quantum physics notes in the background: Google Images

3. Modeled after the principles seen in:

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