The Secret Path

See inside

Instructions are in-game. Press SPACE BAR to go through the slides!
This is a game of memory and skill!
Thank you Scratch team for the feature!!! I got home and I saw that I had 274 comments! (recently though, I've had 691 messages!!!)
I'm sorry if I don't answer all comments, but I do look at all of them!
My best time for 1 game is 6.6 seconds and I've set the record for 2 levels :D
Please don't remix if you aren't going to change anything!
The Instructions are in-game. Press Space bar to go through the instructions and don't actually do what it asks you to do, it will do it on its own! :)
Please Note: you CAN go downwards, but not diagonally or crossing over the same square.
Please enjoy! /:)
Oh, and remember to press the flag too at the beginning :)
It doesn't really make a difference if its in turbo mode (shift + flag) unfortunately.
Somethings might glitch, like the timer, or the showing end score, but hopefully, it should all work!

Notes and Credits

Version 1.2 - Tuesday 20th Jan 2015 - New music
Please do Not remix if you are not going to change anything!!!
Scripting - All by me, except from one script that I borrowed from Phil 1.0 by AwesomenessExposed

Art - All by me, and please note that I made the chess board using pen, It took a long time!

Music - By me too! I created it on a program called Sibelius First, I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but it really is good!

Idea - I got the idea from church, where we played this game, but on a huge chess board, and we had to try and get across, with the leader only knowing the path! It was really fun, so I decided to re-create it on Scratch!

Lots of thanks to many people for lending me their cloud variables, because for some reason I can't make one! I just can't remember the names of any of the users who I borrowed them from!
103 remixes?!? Woah (Now 180!)
(Jan 2015)
- 70000+ views!
- 1800+ favs!
- 2200+ loves!
Thanks guys :D

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