Minecraft Superflat Preset Code Generator v.2.5.2

by abcdo39
See inside

>>Choose what block and height of the layer you want and click the "Add layer" button (You can also click the "Advance Settings" and type the Block ID, Block Data and the height by yourself)
>>Set Biome/Structures
>>Click "Generate". A code will be generated and you can copy and paste to the Minecraft Superflat Costomization Preset code box =]

Notes and Credits

-New blocks and bug fix.

-Bug fix for the new blocks.

[Update log was deleted due to the Scartch beta to release update.]

-Fix some bugs.

--A Very Big Update!!!
-Add a new GUI for "Set biome"
-Add a new GUI for "Structures"
-Add a "ID display" to represent the Block ID
-Add Descriptions for Structures.
-A little changes to make it look better =]

-More easier to add layer than before =]
-Remove The "Block ID Search" and replace it by the new "Add Layer Options"
-You can give a Block Data (Damage-value) to a Block in the "Advance Settings"
-Click the arrows and hold your mouse can choose the block/height more quickly.

-Fix some online bugs...again

-fix some bugs.
-Add a copy-able list so that you can copy the code.

This generator is for Minecraft 1.4.2~1.5.2 or above.

Minecarft have released a awsome feature about the superflat land.It can create your own flatland with any types of layers you want.However, you need to type the preset code by yourself and someone don't know how to do this.

Q: Why Minecarft delete some layers of my code?
A:Please make sure that the TOTAL layers height not over 255 height (Total layers not a single layer of the same blocks) or Minecraft will delete the layers that over this limit.

Q:How can I copy the code?
A:Just highlight the code in the [Generated Code] list (Will be available after generate the code) and Ctrl+C for copying (Mac is Cmd+C), Ctrl-V for pasting the code.

Don't forget to love it if you love it! =P

If you find any problems/bugs, you can leave a comment to me. =]

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