A Little Music

remixed by Jens
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Notes and Credits (added by Jens)

- experimental -

Funny & strange: works currently *only* correct online (!).

This project features a customizable one-sprite composer. You can reuse it to add endless random symphonic background music to your projects.

Here's how:

Export the 'music' sprite, and import it into your own project. That's it!

You can also adjust all settings to make it fit your own preferences:

- speed: beats per minute.
- beats (per measure): 2 (slow march) 3 (waltz) 4 (swing).
- complexity: enables / disables complex chords.
- instruments: for orchestration.

The music sprite is my shot at a minimal random harmonic composer. It needs no global variables and uses just one single broadcast message.

Have fun!

- Jens

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