2 D Kinematic Problem

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Introduction: Russian hockey sensation Pavel Datsyuk is known for his cunning and creativity on the ice. During a shootout, Datsyuk makes the decision to lightly chip the puck just over the opposing goaltender’s head and into the net. There are a number of ways in which he can score a goal, but in order to dazzle spectators, he opts to chip the puck so that it barely misses the goalie before landing on a specific point in the goal, the point highlighted by the red circle.

Question: The distance between the puck and the desired landing point is 17 feet. If the puck is launched from a 45º angle and is in the air for 4 seconds, at what initial x velocity (x-component of vector) and y velocity (y-component of vector) in feet per second is the puck shot? *When solving, assume the gravity constant is -32.1522 ft/s squared, in order to keep the units constant*

1. Solve for initial x and y velocites in ft/s
2. Press the Green flag
3. Enter initial x velocity in ft/s
4. Enter initial y velocity in ft/s
5. Watch the puck's motion!

Notes and Credits

1. Advice from classmates and Mr. Segesdy

2. Google images for pictures of the rink, skater, goaltender, and puck.

3. Songs from Youtube: "Boston Bruins Goal Horn 2011-2012," "Sports Stadium Crowd Cheering."

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