Evacuate the world!

See inside

You must save as many characters as possible within 2 minutes!

To do this, click on the panicking characters on the screen to load them into the ship. Then click on the ship to blast it off. The ship will then blast the characters to safety... hopefully.

The ship does reappear after a bit.

Notes and Credits

Things that can go wrong:
Errors(this is random, and all your characters you "saved" could die!)
Fighting(EX: STW cat and Zee face, Scratch cat and Pico...)
Capacity(max characters that can be saved at once is 25.)
Moral support(all characters except Zee face , elem cat, and STW cat need evacuation buddies, and certain characters need others to be with them(EX: Luigi needs Mario))
Abandonment(characters left behind at the end are counted as killed. This could cause you to lose a lot of points!)
Evil characters

Special Traits:
Luigi: Needs several clicks/ Faster than normal/needs Mario to be with him/ Uncommon.
Zee face: Will cause the ship to blast off by itself in 3 seconds if loaded onto the ship/somewhat common/can survive by himself./Fights with Rainbow ninja & STW cat
Scratch cat: Fights with Pico/common
Mario: Rarely appears/reduces error likehood if at least one of him is in the ship.
STW cat: Appears less often than normal/can survive by himself/fights with Zee face
Pico: Rarely appears/???/Fights with the Scratch cat
Witches: very rarely appears/ignores the entity limit/randomly boosts/???/not guaranteed to appear every game
Rainbow ninja: Randomly super boosts/???/Rare/fights with Zee face
Elem cat: Randomly does a crazy boost/takes a few clicks to get into the ship/can survive by himself/???/rare

Credit to scratchm for Luigi.
Credit to noolabguy & bobbyF for Mario.

Note that you cannot win this game. The objective is to get the highest score you can!

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