Tank v3

remixed by Masquerola
See inside

Arrow keys to move.
Space to shoot.
On-screen buttons for other commands.

The camouflage tank is you.
Fullscreen recommended.
In case you get walled up or something, click "new level".

This is for an upcoming project. ;D

Now with:
-level generator
-ammo and reload
-new level (wait a while for the level to load)
-arrow keys function

Not intended to be glitchy or laggy. :P

Notes and Credits (added by Masquerola)

Inspired by http://www.tanktrouble.com
Help from @twiganometree for level renderer.
Tank and explosion from Google.
Missile and explosion sound effect from @ProdigyZeta7.
Music from YouTube.
Missile sound effect from SoundBible.
All scripting by me (except for aforementioned help).

Can anyone improve scripting? :P

Scripting can be used with credit.

10.2.14 v1

10.3.14 Update v2
-slight change in graphics
-better CPU, shouldn't go through walls.
-tank tracks
-improved scripting

10.4.14 and 10.5.14 Update v3
-fixed "tank stuck in wall upon level creation" glitch
-much better CPU, won't go through walls anymore
-fixed CPU shooting glitch
-music and sound effects added
-better grammer in notes! X3

In the future:
Update v4
-two-player game added
-bullet can bounce off of the walls
-better graphics

Update v5
-menu added
-options bar
-more advanced scorekeeping

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