Circle Dodger

See inside

Curated! Thank you very much, @mfairy! (3, 4 Dec 2014)

Rendered in pen!

Use your mouse to avoid the red circles gliding toward the center. As time progresses, the difficulty will increase.

Once the blue ring turns the color green, you are close to winning the game!

Notes and Credits

Pen Text Engine by @Noroz

Music: Jump! by @PaulRHJT

Credit to @PianoApprentice for helping with an aspect of the game.

Inspired by

Update Log:

- 4 Dec 2014: Removed turbo mode detector. No need for it.
- 3 Dec 2014: Fixed bugs!
- 2 Dec 2014: Added turbo mode detector to prevent cheating.
- 21 Nov 2014: Shared!

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