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Hide is a thinking game where you have to escape the dark walls of a strange building without being caught by the guards.
The game consists of 20 levels with animations, minigames and other features. For more information - read below ↓
The project needs some time to load. This is not a fake loader! It has to set inition values, sorting the layers, preloading the images for the animations and checking the cloud for a saved progress. It can take a while depending on your computer, use the time to relax and drink a tea.
HOW TO PLAY (instructions ingame)
(1) Use the Mouse to control. Point and click to move, the motion speed depends on mouse distance. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys. (mouse controls recommended)
(2) Be aware of lights, always hide in shadows and do not touch enemies or light areas! (Different types are enemies with a flashlight or lamp, security cameras or lit rooms)
(3) Press Space to interact with buttons. Green button-doors are direct accessible, red button-doors are encoded and blue-button doors have a limited time until they go back to starting position. Encoded doors can be unlocked by entering the right code. To enter the given code, click and drag Mouse to connect neighboring buttons and release to confirm.
« More instructions ingame »
Click the upper right botton or press "P" ingame to get to the pause menu.
(1) Click "Resume" to go back to the game.
(2) Click "Restart" or press "R" ingame to restart the level.
(3) Click "Quit" to leave pause menu and get back to main menu. Your progress is going to be saved locally until you refresh the page.
(4) Click "Help" to use your radar and get an overall view of the level. It shows all corridors, doors and buttons, enemies and the level ending. You can view it on each level, it's not going to change the story or the ending result in any way.
Start the project or click "Quit" in pause menu to get to the main menu.
(1) Click "Start" to start the game.
(2) Use the buttons below to choose the starting level, click the middle one to get an overall view of all levels. You can select any level of your current session.
(3) Click "Save" or "Get Code" if you want to continue playing in another session later.
"Save" will store the data in combination with your username on the cloud. The game is not going to save automatically, always click "Save" before leaving! You're going to be notified the next time you start the game. You have to be logged in to save your progress online, otherwise you have to use the level code feature.
"Get Code" gives you an 8-digit long code for your current level. Remember entering the code to load your progress later.
(4) Click "Load" or "Enter Code" to load your progress saved on the server or enter a level code.
(5) Click "Settings" to open or close the settings bar.
- Use the round buttons to toggle sound or music and choose between background music and atmospheric ambient sound ingame.
- Click the middle switch to activate or deactivate instructions ingame.
- Click the right switch to toggle between high and low quality.
Low quality reduces processing power by deactivating unnecessary sprites or motion graphics. (recommended for slower computers)
Leave the switch as high quality for best experience. (recommended for faster computers)

Notes and Credits

version 1.3
I put a lot of work into this project, a love or fave would mean a lot to me!
Project canceled - for more information please read below.
- 05/06/17 I am sorry to say, this is the last version of Hide, I have to leave it at these twenty levels. Although I already started on some new levels, I didn't have the time to continue. Scratch changed over time and some scripts seem to broke, which doesn't make sense to rework. I need the time to learn more, and improve my works.
Still, I would like to thank you guys for all the liking, it was the best motivation I could receive. This project is a real inspiration to me and maybe one day, it might be useful for a greater work!
- 04/22/16 Started working on the following levels today! Since so many people requested more levels and this game got more attention than I ever thought, I'm going to complete the game with the last 20 levels. Thanks a lot to everyone for supporting me, liking, leaving a fave and comment!
Still, it's going to take some time. I try to finish as soon as I can, but I put a lot of work into it and I won't be able to work every day, I've been very busy lately.
Info: Because I'll be working on it while you can play, it may cause bugs, wrong thumbnails or other small problems, I'll try to avoid that though.

- 03/30/15 Featured! Thanks so much!!
I won't be able to respond to all comments, so to everyone, thank you so much for playing, liking and commenting, it means a lot to me!
- 03/31/15 1000th love!
- 04/01/15 10000 views; 1000th fave! Wow O.O Thanks too all you guys for playing!
- 04/04/15 20000 views; 2000th love! Thank you so much!
- 04/07/15 2000th fave!
- 04/14/15 30000 views!
- 04/16/15 3000th love!
- 05/24/15 40000 views; 3000th fave! :O
P.S. I'm sorry, I know the game can be very laggy since there are a lot of sprites and processes running simultaneously. I'm trying to reduce the lag as much as possible, if it's still too slow on your computer, check out the "Quality" feature in settings menu.
To all people advertising their projects in comments, already know about the Show and Tell Forums?
And to all people asking about the emoticons: Two underscores (Hold Shift and press the " - " key) and one of the given words in lower case letters in between. No capital letters, no spaces in between (mind spaces between previous and following words though), just like " _meow_ ", " _gobo_ ", " _waffle_ ", " _taco_ ", " _apple_ ", " _pizza_ ", " _sushi_ ", " _eggplant_ " and " _broccoli_ " (not tree!).
v1.3 Reduced lag for low quality; improved doors sound effects
v1.2 adding loading status; lag reduced
v1.1 supporting arrow keys controls; adding atmospheric ambient sound effect (see Settings menu)
When I was younger, I often played a german board game called "Waldschattenspiel" (Forest Shadow Game).
The point of the game was to move little dwarfs through a forest and hide in dark areas behind trees, while every round the other player was moving a candle and trying to catch them with the light. It was my favorite game and it really inspired me making this project.
Since cloud data act really weird sometimes, the online save system might be unsafe. Please let me know if there are any bugs, spelling mistakes or other issues.
Music from newgrounds.com:
- 466266 "BetweenTheLights" by christho
- 392282 "Skylights" by Dj Niamek/ Silta
- 566116 "Mexico" by SolidElectro
Sound effects and atmospheric ambient sound from freesound.org. (partly combined and edited)
All graphics, animations and programming by -Scratcher-.
Thanks for playing!

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