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CHECK OUT MY SPIROVIS BASSHEAD project. It's music visualization and it's really cool that Scratch can use the microphone!!
Thanks to everyone for finding this project from the featured remix. I appreciate your comments very much! ;)

Draw by clicking and holding the mouse button while moving the mouse to create your kaleidoscope. The pen starts in automatic color mode, which means each time you click, the color changes.

Keyboard commands:

Space = toggle between pen and 4 costumes

Right arrow key = increase pen/stamp size
Left Arrow Key = decrease pen/stamp size

Up Arrow Key = increase background brightness
Down Arrow Key = decrease background brightness

A = Automatic pen color mode
R = Rainbow pen color mode
M = Manually choose pen color

When in Manual pen color mode, the following keys apply:
X = Increase pen color
Z = Decrease pen color
1 through 9 = Select pen shade
0 = Select pen shade 100

Notes and Credits

I recently came across Paddle2See's awesome project that is really similar to this one. Check it out: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/237249/

A few people have asked how this works. Here's a brief explanation:
I take the mouse pointer and figure out where it is on a circle whose center is the center of the project screen. Then, I duplicate the point every 60 degrees around the circle. Then, I create a mirror for each one of these points. It's harder to explain, but not much more complicated. Basically, imagine rays extending from the center of the circle. The "mirror points" reverse whatever corresponding points do on the other side of the ray.

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