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Welcome to Chat.PY 3.0!

Chat.PY is a project meant for general chat and conversation. It's also meant as a place to collaborate in real-time rather than posting in the forums with what you've done on your project.

Chat.PY is basically a very simple IRC server and client and it's just about as hard/easy to connect as a normal IRC server.

To connect to the server, you first need to activate Mesh. The simplest way to do this is by following the guide at the wiki here:

Once you enable Mesh, Shift-Click the 'Share' Menu and select 'Join Mesh'. A dialogue should appear asking what IP address. Type in '' or '' (without quotes). If you typed in the domain name, then you are likely to get an error. When it appears, hit 'Proceed' and then click 'Join Mesh' and type in the domain again and it should work.

To verify that you are connected, Shift-Click the 'Share' menu again and if it gives new options, then you are connected. Don't click 'Leave Mesh', otherwise you'll disconnect and you will need to reconnect again. Now that you are connected, hit the Green Flag and you should be able to chat or draw at your leisure.

Basic control:
Now that you are connected, just hit the Green Flag, and a message something like "Welcome User## to the official Chat.PY 3.0 server!" (## is a number, usually higher than 1).

It should ask you to type in your name (Scratch name preferably). Once you put in your name, it should ask which room you would like to join. Type 'scratch' for that room. Once you are in, some people might be online, but sometimes no one will be on.

The best way to keep the chat active is to tell your friends about it, so that way we have people on all day and night so any new comers will feel welcome! :)

Once you've talked for a while, you may want your collab to chat in a separate place from general chat. Well, thanks to multiple rooms, you can! You can even be in two rooms at once!

To join a room, simply type: /join [room name]. There should be a message saying that you've joined that room (or one saying the the room name is too long, if that's so, choose a shorter name). Once you are in there, you can click the arrows right above your 'Message Box'. In between those arrows, the variable should cange names, allowing you to change which room you plan on sending your next message to. If you feel this is too complicated, you can type /part [room name] to leave a room, and then you will only be sending and receiving messages from a single room.

If you ever accidentally type in a wrong name, you can easily change it by typing in /name [new name]. Making it very simple and quick.

Sometimes there may be a problem (no idea what it could be). If you do ever encounter one, try pressing the green flag and then it should be fixed. If it persists, post it on the forums about it and me or someone else will try to fix it for you.

Whenever there doesn't seem to be anyone online, try checking to see if you've typed in the right channel. If it's correct, type in /list. /list displays everyone who is in that channel. So if only you show up, then you are probably the only one in that room.

Proving your identity:
One of the many problems that I and many others have faced in the past, are imposters. People who take another person's name. The best way to prove that you are really you, is to get an account and logging into it.

You can create an account by typing in: /create [username] and it will respond with your username and password (that is automatically generated for you, for security reasons). Save your password somewhere, if you ever loose it or someone gets your password, I can easily change it (you'll need to comment on one of my projects to ask for a new one) and no harm should be done.

You can login to your account using: /auth [username] [password] and it should say whether you logged in or not.

If you want to see who is logged in as who, type in: /whois [name] and it should say the username and their server_level (how "powerful" they are).

If you ever feel like logging out, you can type: /logout

More Advanced Commands:
So there are more confusing and complicated things on Chat.PY, even though it's made to be as simple as possible, but with as much functionality as I can add.

/list-all shows everyone who is on the server (doesn't say which channel though).
/list-channels shows all the channels on the server.

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