Snake Chamber

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Simply follow on-screen instructions by clicking and typing!

Notes and Credits

Welcome to the Snake Chamber, an accurate and educational simulation of snake breeding and genetics!

I breed my own corn snakes. This game uses mostly accurate genetic information, BUT some of it was tweaked to make a better game. If you have any snake questions, just ask!

(To clarify, all of these hatchlings would be Normal het. Lavender Ghost Stripe unless the parents were heterozygous for each other's genes. But isn't it way more fun this way?? See my gene calculator project for more info.)

Love-it for more stuff about snakes? I might even upload a project of my real-life breeding stages!


Info, idea, programming, art, and overall creation by DewleafWolf.
Free music loop by JewelBeat.
Intro song by Paramore.

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