3D Tetrahedron Wireframe

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My second wireframe project.
Took a lot of work to calculate the vertices this time.

Please press love-it and comment if you want a tutorial for how to make this!

UPDATE: Okay everybody! You wanted a tutorial, here it is:

The basic idea that I used is that where you rotate the object left and right, every point rotates around the y axis.
When you rotate the object up and down, every point rotates around the x axis.

What I did:

1) I made a sprite for each one of the vertices. Each one had a local variable x, y, z, RoD, and RoDir and was set to the starting value that I wanted.

2) Using simple acceleration scripts I calculated what is the speed each point will rotate up/down and left/right (you can find tutorials for this in lots of platformer tutorials).

3) I am not going to explain all of the math here, because it's a bit complicated. If you want to understand all of the math completely go to hardmath123's tutorial at http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/3D_Wireframes . To calculate the new x, y, and z points for each of the vertices, I took a script kind of like:


(credit to SSBBM and Kileymeister for the picture in the block library) where RoX=0 and RoY=0. I copied the script twice. Once I changed every x with z, and once every y with z. That way instead of rotating around the z axis, it rotates around the x and y axis (I changed RoA to xspeed and yspeed when needed of course).

4) Then I made each of the vertices go to the x and y position according to the variables. That would give orthographic projection (objects don't get smaller as they get farther away). Go to

if you want more information on orthographic vs. perspective projection or want to do some perspective projection yourself.

5) I had one sprite with it's pen down draw the path from one point to another.

If you have any questions about this, ask in the comments. If you haven't yet and you want to, press love-it!

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