Spectrum 2

remixed by Wes64
See inside

If you want to save data, first remix it, then while you are playing you can save the project itself.

Tutorial. http://archive.scratch.mit.edu/forums/viewtopic.php?id=105015

-=-=- Read This =-=-=-
1. Please download the game if you want to save your data or export/import. To save your data simply save the project.

2. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER press the stop sign at ANY point. Pressing the stop sign can corrupt your data permanently.

3. There are probably glitches so feel free to report them.

4. Check back to see if there is an bugfix version. Then you can export your old file and then import it into the updated version.

Notes and Credits (added by Wes64)

Want to find a specific monster? http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Wes64/2761204

Want to play another RPG? Try EpNinja's game! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/epninja/2756104

-=-=-= Game data =-=-=-
Development time - ~200 hours
[Version 2.20]
- Fixed Abandoned Building glitch.
- Powered up final boss.
- Fixed final boss glitch.

[Version 2.02]
- Fixed searching glitch that arose from previous bugfixes.

[Version 2.01] (8/29)
Updated things since 1.12:
- Capturing is easier if you damage target first.
- Text bugs should be fixed.
- Search-inside-building glitch is fixed.
- Load circle import failure glitch is fixed.
- I accidentally left a variable showing in 2.00, will fix now.

[Version 1.12] (8/28)
Updated things since upload:
- Fixed naming glitch
- Fixed money glitch (now you earn money after winning)
- Fixed menu-related game freezing
- Fixed bad hospital warps
- Removed the dead stat Evasion from game text and replaced with Agility

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