Numbers (1s1s)

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Notes and Credits (added by Programmatic)

I am running out of ideas, so please give me some of your own, levels or features.

Please read the description. _meow_

Thank you! Hardmath for curating this project.

3rd TOP LOVED! Thank you all!

I had to split the script in half to prevent Scratch from crashing, but it still works like a 1s1s, with one action being performed at a time.

User levels:
Level 7 by Yllie

Coming Soon:
More levels (easy and hard ones)

More sound effects
Hitting R in the menu to reset level progress
Making it so that large levels load faster
Having levels calculate the code before rendering the level
More levels

Level builder is now out , be sure to check it out.

You must beat a level to progress to the next.

Walls do not kill you, they just stop you from moving, use this to your advantage to complete some of the levels.

Only 8 levels so far. Feel free to post your level codes as a comment. Or go ahead and replace the levels variable with your own level codes to make a remixed series of levels.
If I like your level, I will add it to the game and give you credit in the description, as well as a love-it on 3 of your best projects.

Give it as many tags as Scratch can handle!

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