The Kraken Dreams

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- Arrow keys to move.
- Spacebar to squirt upwards.
- Stars good.
- Airships bad.

Control the giant Kraken as it dreams of devouring stars. The more it eats, the larger it gets. Grow large enough and get the Giant Squid bonus doubling the value of all the stars you eat. Grow larger still and the Colossal Squid bonus will give you 3x the points. Just remember a larger squid is a larger target and hitting things hurts.

If you keep growing you will eventually trigger the Squidpocalypse gaining 50 stars and a short period of invincibility to wreak your squidy doom.

Hitting the ground or airships will cause the Kraken to shrink and damage it's delicate heart. Luckily Kraken are quick to heal and if it avoids being hurt for a short period it's broken heart will heal and grow strong again.

However if the Kraken's heart is destroyed or if the Kraken itself shrinks too small it will die.

This project does not currently work properly with the online player. But runs great in the project view in Scratch.

The Kraken Dreams was created by modifying the original scrolling performer code that came with scratch adding original art and scripts to the point of unrecognizability.

Created as part of the Artsy Games Incubator
By Miguel Sternberg (<a href=""></a>)

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