Macaroon Maker!

by Aqaa
See inside
Notes and Credits

W E L C O M E !
Rules (please read first!)
NO remixing, copying,
or anything else like that.
I don't mind if you
download it, because then
it plays in better option
mode, but please give
me credit if you use some
of the scripts! Thanks!
Section 1: Buttons
Click on the Present Your
Macaroon! button to hide
all other buttons, leaving
your Macaroon and
toppings to give it a
'presented' look.
Click on the little mini
Info Menu Box to hide
it, and press SPACE to
view the next part of it.
Section 2: Toppings
All toppings are draggable.
Click on any topping to
change its flavour.
There are at least 3 flavours
from each topping to choose
Section 3: Topping Flavours
Wafer Stick: Chocolate,
Strawberry, or exchange it
for a Liquorice wedge.
Sprinkles: Choc and Mandarin,
or Strawberry and Raspberry.
Sweet Icing: Sweet Vanilla,
Smooth Strawberry, or
exchange it for a slither of
Sweet Bean Paste.
Cream Dollop: Sweet Vanilla,
Smooth Strawberry, or
exchange it for a dollop of
Sweet Bean Paste.
Section 4: Macaroon
Grape, Lime, Vanilla, Fruit
Punch, Mixed Berry,
Raspberry, Strawberry,
Section 5: More Info
Click the stage to change
the backdrop. You can
choose from Deep Sea Blue
or Pearly Pink.

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