3d Terrain Generator Alpha 4

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Notes and Credits (added by randomgamemaker)

This version is outdated. Go to my profile (click my username) to see the newest version.

Thanks to Hardmath123 for curating this project!

USE TURBO MODE ON THE FLASH PLAYER! (shift click the green flag, you need a Scratch account for this). Press space to render.

This is the beginning of a 3d terrain generator I'm working on that is made entirely up of cubes.

Sometimes only parts of a tree will render. This is because the rendered area is not large enough.

I am currently having problems with floating leaves. I will find a way to fix this soon.

Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Alpha 4:
Made dirt even more common
Added trees (which have dead leaves in the fall)
Added flowers (which dont appear in deserts)
Made ice instead of water appear in the winter

Features I want in later versions: (ideas marked with "-" will come with Alpha 5)
-Dead trees in the winter
-More flowers in the spring
-Make trees more common
-No ice in deserts
-All trees that appear in deserts have dead leaves
Rotating and viewing different layers.
Multiple chunks (16x16 blocks)
A seed
Rivers and Waterfalls
Lava underground
Maybe eventually turning it into a game.

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