Flight Simulator

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This is the most realistic flight simulator that you can find in Scratch!
You can launch, land, glide, fall down and do any other things that a real airplane can!

W - Throttle Up
S - Throttle Down
A + D - Rudder
Up Arrow - Nose Down
Down Arrow - Nose Up
Left and Right Arrow - Rudder
Space - Brakes

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Notes and Credits

Landing Checklist:

1. Before landing:
- Reduce speed to 250
- Fly down to 120

2. Before reaching blue arrow (light blue):
- Maintain speed at 250
- Maintain altitude at 120
- Raise nose to 0 degrees
- Align aircraft straight to runway.

3. When reaching arrow:
- Declining nose to -10 degrees
- Reduce Throttle

4. Before touchdown (above red lights):
- Raise nose slowly to 0 degrees
- Set throttle off

5. After Touchdown:
- Brake until full stop
- Use rudder to navigate

Cheats: Spacebar + P or N + Green Flag (Because you have read the whole Checklist!)

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