Night Sky Map v3.1

See inside

This is a interactive map of the night sky...
the first on Scratch, I believe.
(Check notes for proof of this)

Arrows to rotate/move.
Automatic view is the southern hemisphere.
N for north, E for equatorial (and S for south if you're on another mode)
Variable on the left is the common name, variable on the right is the Greek one (Bayer one)
Variables on the bottom represent the current mouse position (in right ascension and declination (celestial coordinates)).
The green circle shows which star is being selected currently.
Press space to search.
Search by common name or Greek name (things like 'alpha' are accepted).
It will bring up all stars with the search in them (i.e. "Deneb" will bring up Deneb, Deneb Algedi, Deneb el Okab, etc.)
You can search constellations (i.e. "Orion") to bring up all stars in the constellation. (You can also search the genitive (i.e. "Orionis"))
All stars in the list are (mostly) listed in order of brightness.
Selected star is highlighted in red.
Press 0 or click on the selected star to clear selection.
It won't clear the selection when you switch modes...
It may switch modes while searching- this is normal.
You can search planets!
Time: To set to current time, press 2. To set to a different time, press 1. (Upon startup it sets to current time).
Of course planets have no "designation" so that field is blank.
Planets will select with red arrows.
You can't search these- I'm sure we can all find the Sun without a search engine! :P
When Moon is selected, it tells you its phase (i.e. New, Waxing Crescent, Full, etc.)
Sun and moon will relocate with the date change (like the planets).

NOTE: If the common name is blank, it means the star has no common name.

Notes and Credits

FEATURED?!?!?!?! 1/3/16 What in the world...?!?
Thanks for all nice comments!

Watch me sing all the moons in the solar system!


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UPDATE: This was actually shared 3 months before

Art is from my project "Constellation Art" (
It's all by me.
List of brightest stars:
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v0.1-0.9: Sitting in my Unshared folder...
v1.0: Shared
v1.1: Changed backdrop thumb
v1.2: Fixed bugs in the program, added velocity
v1.3: Added star names (plus temporary "say" blocks)
Realized I had 112 stars instead of 105! :P
v1.4: Added selector, name variables
v1.5: Added 18 stars
Added mouse positions
Added more precise magnitudes
Remade star costumes: they are vector, and logarithmically proportionate to their magnitudes (the precise ones).
Changed thumbnail
v1.6: Fixed "southern flip" bug
v1.7: Added 109 stars :O
Constellations now look more complete with more stars!
v1.8: Major remake of the way the stars work: clones are now deleted when not necessary (i.e. northern stars in south mode)
This allows me to add more stars! :)
v1.9: Small backdrop adjustment, nothing to worry about...
v1.9.5: Added 6 stars
v2.0: Added search feature!
v2.1: Added 57 stars!
Oh, symbols... I realized I had been using the wrong phi symbol and so had to change it ;(
v2.2: Added ability to search constellation names and phrases
Fixed bug in selector
v2.3: 2 minor bug fixes
v2.4: Changed the way stars appear in results: widened results list
Fixed bug that was caused by this
Fixed red circle appearing before stars did
Fixed minor bug
v3.0: Added planets (there's still a few bugs, but...)
Added sun and moon
v3.1: Fixed bugs with planets, changed moon size
Made planet magnitudes work for once!
Added moon phase/moon and sun touching detection

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