Castle of Doom!

See inside

Escape from the CASTLE OF DOOM alive!


Find the three Sacred Relics!
1) The Sacred Wand of Merlin
2) The Shield of King Arthur
3) The Sword Excalibur

Other treasures to find are:
4) Keys
5) Ruby Ring
6) Magical Crystal
7) Sleeping Potion

Watch out for trapdoors and pitfalls!

Use arrow keys to move.
Type "r" to use the Ruby Ring
Type "p" to use the Sleeping Potion
Type "w" to use the Wand of Merlin


* You can only pass through the Hall of Lost Souls with the keys
* You must give the Guardian the Ruby Ring to pass
* You must put a spell on the Evil Wizard with the Wand of Merlin to pass. If you move in his room, he will kill you.
* You must put the Ghost of Merlin to sleep with the sleeping potion in order to pass. If you move in his room, he will take your soul.
* The Pit of No Return will kill you.

(For cheats, you can visit
and click on the Scratch icon.)

Good luck! And let me know in the comments if you make it to the end!

Notes and Credits

If you find bugs, please let me know in the comments! The more details you can give me about the bug, the better!

Play "Escape From King Tut's Tomb" (another game by me) also here on Scratch!

I wrote this game in Pascal back in 1990 in college for my Artificial Intelligence class. I'm pretty sure my floppy disk went bad, so I re-created it here in SCRATCH!

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