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It's finished!!!!!!!!!!!!

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left/right arrow: move

up arrow key: jump

space key: kick

down arrow: enter doors

new "epic" ending music added


1. wraith:
a green monster that peeks it's head up on occasion, thats your chance to attack

2. william:
a flying eye ball creature that follows you until you attack it or enter a door

3. dark demons: these creatures were made only to destroy, they can look like any ordinary object, and sometimes they will just look like there normal selfs, they cannot be defeated, generally, if you see anything purple, AVOID IT!!!

4. pepper dragon:
these strange half-pepper-half-dragon creatures have very thick skin, making them very defensive, your kicks will do noting, however, they are very rare, and have a very crummy attack, they should not give you any trouble

5. vamm:
a black bat that flys around in a diagnial pattern, they can be somewhat hard to kill

6. h.y.d.e:
an (at first) happy looking creature that stands motionless infront of you, if you have the gurth to attack this creature, it will rage and come after you, you can only kill it when you kick it when it's angry

7. dark wraith:
these wraiths are much much MUCH faster than other wraiths, and are much more potiant than others, time your kicks wisely

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