Memory Card Game 32 Cards

by mcan
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This is my third version of memory card game series. This one has 32 cards.
I've made a time-lapse while doing 16 card version of it.

16 card version is the featured project in 06/06/12 please take a look at it.

Here is the youtube link:

At one part I edit few things due to the lag. Which you can see easily in normal speed.

This one took me about 30 mins beacuse I've used the old scripts from the 16 card one. I've just added more lists to create more cards.

Please submit your scores my best was 62 when I've uploaded the project. I'm making a score board for highest scores!

I'm not accepting scores below 40 with out a video because I've seen people just writing a random score with out playing. Videos must be recorded on scratches web site. So no one could edit his/ her score

1st - Bailz Gamer - 58
2nd - DavidCL - 60
3rd - mcan - 62

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