Memory Card Game 16 Cards

by mcan
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Please check the time-lapse bellow. :D

Hisar School Mehmet Can Alaca

Think 16 cards too easy for you? I've got a 32 card one:

This is my second version of memory card game series. This one has 16 cards. Also I've made a time-lapse while doing it.

Here is the youtube link:


At one part I edit few things due to the lag. Which you can see easily in normal speed. It took 55mins to do the whole thing. Including the part I didn't record.

18 is possible and I will add each 20 below video to here. Ralfisalhon is to first one to achieve 18 with a video proof.

Please submit your scores my best was 28 when I've uploaded the project. I'm making a score board for highest scores!
I'm not accepting scores below 20 with out a video because I've seen people just writing a random score with out playing. Videos must be recorded on scratches web site.

1st- Ralfisalhon - 18
2nd- Elif Usuloğlu & ilkel- 20
3rd - TheCatAndTheBanana - 22

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