Scratch 3D (5th development version)

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New new notes:
This is the fifth of seven development versions of a 3D model editor project which I have stopped working on. This version (though incomplete) has the most editing features on display, but other versions have line culling capabilities.

See old new notes below:

Notes and Credits (added by Jamohyperturbopro)

This is a
of my 3D geometry editing program for Scratch.
if you want to test it, shift click the green flag.
This version was never completed, hence the grey buttons.

The version following this can cull back faces
The GUI has gone, and the now obsolete new design was left incomplete

has been fundamentally re-designed. It is able to handle much larger meshes using a buffering system. (yes, that means things are loading while you move around)
Face culling has been replaced with groups, which can have visibility planes attached to them.

///////////////////////// Original Notes

FEATURES added in this version
first person view
lots of selection, deletion, creation tools
dynamic frame-rate control
inserting meshes
command interface

Many of these features have been temporarily dropped since this version. Most will be back, in slightly different forms.


For The Record:
started working on a GUI!!!!
and first person view!!
.. and it follows from here
more graphics buttons
merging has tolerance
+line function added
select has its own panel
fixed up body select (B+click)
scene mode uses wasd
removed herobrine
.3.1 fixed wasd
fixed import text-to-list
added some select button functionality
. .5.1 deleted some stuff
added box select
re-arranged some stuff
removed prompt from delete (press x)
made select panel remember last tool used
made loader bar more truthful
fixed tool clicks
fixed importing obj with normals or textures
. .7.1 fixed loader problem
space is move up
C is move down
(in scene mode)
hold K to to select
hold L to make lines
(shortcuts, u can still use buttons)
. .8.1 fixed line making
fixed drawing error
. .9.1 fixed another drawing error
simplified navigation scripts
(wasd and arrows)
. .10.1 fixed them
implemented orientate
added some documentation for the camera panel (hold H)
testing selection of co-linear points
. .13.1 fiddling
. .13.2 should be fixed
figuring out co-planar algorithm
. .14.1 think I've got it (using vectors)
improved line creation again
nav controls are always wasd
improved selection inversion
fixed dots not being drawn
click the squiggly thingy bottom left...
improved command tools
improved deletion algorithms
improved line creation
added delete toolbox
menu keys: X delete, Z select, C connect (+line)
previous additions fixed
vertex selection algorithm improved
changed fly down key to F
implemented insert

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