May's Flowers

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Eight Months Later: *checks messages on 1/31/13* So many comments on May's Flowers. Hasn't this been up for... like a half a year? *checks homepage* lolwut? 0-0 My project is... curated? ......Huh. 'Scues me a moment. *Walks into other room* AHHHHHHHHHHOHMYGODTHISISSOAWESOMETHANKYOUTESLAKAT!
*returns* Well. Thanks a million for viewing this folks, I hope you really enjoy my story, I have other stories if your interested (don't have to of course! ^^) If you don't enjoy it, then I am totally with you because, 8 months later, it doesn't seem that great to me either. But I just want to thank my friend TeslaKat, because I think we don't have nearly enough writers on scratch. C'mon folks, I know you've got it in you! Well excuse my rambling please, I'm just over the moon at being curated! ^^ Enjoy! Well, maybe X3. If you still want to hear more epic stories about May, go to eggwins projects here; and
Thanks for being so supportive everybody!

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