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Please sign guys XC It hurts me a lot. And I think I'm just giving up on scratch. I can't stand it! You guys can complain all you want, but I reall mean this. It's for me friends who have people to steal their art XC Haha. You can say you draw better than me, PERSON, but I truly believe you are pushing me down. Your art is just... doesn't SEEM better T.T Complain all you want people.

People who art & idea steal are jjust mean. They're taking something a person has drawn and worked really hard on and just claiming it as their own? Can you believe the nerve of these people? At least credit the original drawer! Please don't art steal.

Stealing other people's art is just a way of making yourself feel better about not being able to draw well on scratch! Don't do it! LEARN how to draw better!

People pour their heart into their art. When you take their art and claim it as your own, you rip out a piece of their soul. You leave a gaping hole in them, with the blood gushing out, tainted black by the murderous hands that stole it. Don't be the person that crushes another's happiness and dreams. Stealing is wrong and illegal; don't do it.

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