Minecraft 2d Forever

remixed by akbcadei
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I fixed it, so yah. It's just Scratch 2.0 messed up some stuff, it should be fixed now! woo-hoo, now more stuck in the air :>

Notes and Credits (added by akbcadei)

Use WASD to move your character around. Click near your character to create a block, press space near your character to delete a block. Press 1-3 to cycle through blocks.
Press E to open the inventory.
Press C on a crafting table to craft on it

If you like this, you'll like this to: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11048014/

You need a pickaxe to mine stone and ore.
Everything else can be collected by hand.

Saplings you plant are uprooted at night!
so plant them early!

To delete ladders and torches place a normal block on it then delete that block.

Current Crafting- Use the arrows in the inventory for a two by two grid. For a three by three grid, press c on a crafting table.

Known Glitches:
you may spawn in a tree, so may animals

sometimes the swiching may not work.

press r to stop all
__________________________________________If you find any glitches. PLEASE report them,
I will also try my best to update with passive mobs,gold,redstone,water,different biomes,saved worlds and more!
__________________________________________ Credits
SeanCanoodle-(the movement of the player and cursor,lots of sprites)

Fabinho2354-(a few sprites)

X-Craft-(breaking animation)

08jackt-(music and sounds)

my2ndaccount-(health sprites)

MinecraftGame-(menu backround)



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