Anime Character Maker (girl)

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Create your own anime character! You can make yourself, a friend, or a even a character from your own story!
♦Since this file is so huge it might not load properly. If there are things missing, just reload the page or use a faster computer♦
Sorry if it's a little laggy. It's because of the website.
The art in this game was made by me with vector. If you want to play in full screen press CTRL+M to fix the quality. It's very easy to get through. To get different colors you sometimes need to click on the button more than once (I found out a different way to do it but it would be to hard to go back and change it). Snip it or screen shot to save it. To start over click the green flag.

♦(also I'm a huge nerd and this game is full of references to nerdy stuff)♦

Notes and Credits


I figured out how to fix the reason why it wouldn't update! :D
It wasn't featured but the front page is still exciting!
♦I read everyone's comments but I don't answer all of them♦

I'm so proud of this! I think I created this sometime in 2014 and I've worked on it randomly until now. I'm still going to add to it. I put A LOT of work into this project so if you want to use the art ♦PLEASE♦ give me credit. I did everything in this project myself except for the some of the backgrounds and the music. There will be updates in the future. Please report bugs so I can fix them :)

~ Added a Tardis necklace :)
~ Added a school uniform and a new bow color (7/23/15)
~ Fixed some things, added a skull and Christmas tree necklace, added a bun option, added a new eye style (7/31/15)
~ Added Halloween and Christmas backgrounds, a mute button, white eye color, new colors for the hair pieces and headphones (8/29/15)
~ Added a light pink hair color (8/30/15)
~ New music (9/2/15)
~ Added 4 new mouths (11/21/15)
~ Added some new little things and fixed something (11/22/15)
~ Added a help menu, a new eye color (light brown), and an eye patch (12/2/2015)
~ Added gray hair color and a new background (12/31/15)
~ Added short curly hair (1/1/16) It took forever!
~ Fixed some stuff (1/9/16)
~ Added a Camp Half-Blood necklace and options for closed eyes. I also fixed an error (1/12/16)
~ Added angel wings (1/12/16)
~ Added A TON of new skin colors (for gemsonas :P) (1/12/16)
~ Added techno background just cuz (1/15/16)
~ Big update (2/25/16)
~ Added a bangs style that goes over one eye and a suit (2/28/16)
~ Added super short straight hair and a strawberry blonde hair color (2/29/16)
~ Added 3 new eye colors, a new eye style, 3 new mouths, and I fixed some bugs (3/26/16)
~ Added a side braid (3/27/16)
~ Added a headband (3/28/16)
~ OMG IT ACTUALLY UPDATED!!! I'VE HAD THIS UPDATE READY SINCE SEPTEMBER BUT IT WOULDN'T WORK!!!! I don't remember most of everything I added to it. To get more flags click on the button more than once (2/17/17)
~ New hair, some new clothes, other stuff (2/20/17)
~ Added a new bangs style and some little things (2/21/17)
~ Added new flags and a hand (2/27/17)
~ Added the ability to move the eyes, mouth, Eyebrows, and Nose for more customization! Please tell me if there's a glitch! (3/15/17)
~ Added a new nose, new eye colors, a mug, new flags, a new background, 3D glasses, and some other stuff (3/20/16)
~ Fixed the arrow glitch. Added wands, elf ears, Hogwarts robes, bunny ears, a new background, and another clothing option. I also changed the music. (4/16/17)

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