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Taking the sprites from a previous game, http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/PlanitStudios/2486119, I've put together a simple flight simulator set in a red giant star system full of asteroids. So far that's about all I've got, but I'm soon to add enemies, weapons, mining fuel, and the like.
Navigate the mouse across the screen in order to move your ship. Approaching the edge of the screen scrolls. Click to boost, if you have any fuel left. Your hull is displayed in the corner, and it will go down as you are damaged by striking asteroids and solar flares. If your hull reaches zero it is game over, you explode, and your score will be printed below your hull (now game over).
Use the space bar to fire repeating plasma bolts. Hold it to continue firing. Tapping b activates the semi-automatic firing missiles, but only if you have any remaining. They are more powerful, but limited.

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