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(Disclaimer: Some titles may take a little bit of imagination to ensure proper grammar. It would take a far more complicated project to have complete perfection! Other than that, this project is fully operational.)

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Over 5,000 views!


New UI, titles, and more!

Version 2.0.1: bugfixes, minor improvements, and 9 views to 3000!

Old codes will not work on this one, due to change of content!

Officially my most-viewed project!

Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy Episode Title Generator
Anticipating J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars Episode VII," This project has was created to predict just what the next three episodes of the epic saga may be titled!

I reserve the right to post results, along with usernames, on this projects forum thread (
A collaboration between me, @alphacentauri1, and @xx2t.
Over 9000 combinations possible!

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