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More Motion:
point towards x: () y: ()
change by x: () y: ()
glide () secs by x: () y: ()
glide () secs () steps
smooth glide () secs to x: () y: ()

More Looks:
say nothing
set hidden to <>
show all sprites
hide all sprites
change costume by ()
previous costume
change backdrop by ()
previous backdrop
smooth size () secs to ()%
go to layer ()

More Sound:
play sound [ v] for () beats
calculate length of sound [ v] // Calculate the length of a sound by making a variable called length of sound
play note ()
play drum ()

More Pen:
set pen down to <>
set pen color to a: () r: () g: () b: ()
draw a circle ()
draw a triangle ()
draw a square ()
draw a star ()
draw color palette

More Control:
stop all scripts // stops all scripts only, doesn't clear graphic effects, doesn't stop all sounds, etc.

More Sensing:
ask [] answer [] if correct say [] for () secs else say [] for () secs
<sprite clicked?>
<stage clicked?>

More Data:
make variable []
make list []
set item () of [ v] to []
change item () of [ v] by ()

(Removed Blocks:)
(run without screen refresh // Due to a glitch with stop this script in custom blocks with screen refresh enabled, this allows to run the stack atomically without using custom blocks. This was fixed in the later versions of Scratch since this block will no longer function.)

Stay tuned! Even more blocks coming soon!

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