cats for WOTM

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yeah I didnt feel like drawing Russetfur XD shes just a brown cat with white paws and green eyes thats it :3

press space .3.

Oh and Ivykit's warrior name is Ivyheart FYI
other stuff that has nothing to do with this project:

This suicune to my brother:
A blue dog, with stupid purple hair, white diamond polkadot things on its fur thingie and with toilet paper coming out of its butt

My reaction to his description of suicune: -facepalm-

CANT WAIT FOR 2.0!!!!! I just saw the video so excited!! i know i find the most stupidest cat videos on youtube XD

If I dont do homework for science class, this is my excuse:

Me: I have an excuse!
Teacher: Ok what is it?
Me: I was watching what happens if you microwave dry ice instead! It's science though, isnt it? Carbon dioxide and heat durr.
Teacher: -facedesk-

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