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This game just like a management among your selling goods, earn money, growing farms and fruits and help to your family by money.

Click on fields to grow grains and pulses. Every pulses need 200 and grans need 100 rupees to grow. Wait 10 seconds to grow completely.

Then click on apple and mango trees, they need 150 rupees and 10 seconds to grow.

After completion of growing, click and increase your goods stock.

On clicking of store you can sell your goods on certain profit on manufacturing amount.

On right arrow click their is girl continuously dancing and to keep up her energy level by continuously providing amount 5 rupees per energy increment, which help her to manage her energy.

Note, if energy level lows to 0, game will over.

Enjoy the game.....

Notes and Credits

Next Update expected 01 September, 2014.
Last Updated 25 August, 2014

Planned Activities
1. Purchase new assets to increase your earning.

Inspired by Squeakwee project 'Tiny Fun Farm'.
All contents are downloaded from internet and design it as per my imagination....

Kindly request all to suggest me for other improvements in project.

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