Name Contest!! (CLOSED)

by Artycat
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Ok, ArtManiac has a character. It needs a name. We cant think of one. so we're making a contest to think of a name. write a suggestion in the comments!! winner gets an art request from me (Artycat) and the cat will have that name.

Names so far:
-Flameheart (darksky001)
-Rustyblaze, Splotchheart, Blazeheart, Iceblaze, Firebang, Rustpelt (Goldenheart226)
-Fireblaze, Rustyheart, Flameheart, Flamepelt, Firepelt, Sandpelt, Sandheart, Sandblaze (sydney53589)
-Fireheart, Sandypelt, Firenose, Flamenose, Rustyfur, Flamefur, Icepelt (shelby53589)
-Flamefall Lightningpelt Aspenheart Fawnleap Sandshine Amberstorm Gingertail Flamefur Goldenwing Owlfur Mapleblaze Acornfeather Robinheart Sunstorm Embertail Sam Chirp Dewey Amber Molly Parol Pumpkin Salt Pepper Jango Spolothes and my fav. Apricot (WhiteTigress)
-Smokeblaze, Creamblaze, Firesmoke (Katie1000000)
-Spottdflame, Blazepatch, Firestorm, Blueflame, Firewing, Blazingheart (Otterstar)
-Sablefire, Desertsun, Brightflame, Sandspark, Glacefire, Sunsky, Riverburn, Frozenflame, Quicksand, Flashflood, Icesong, Sandglass, Twixtpelt (EmeraldDragon)
-Muffins (feluki_rabbit)
-Dapplefire (EvelynP)
-Paint, Jacki, Lori, Hunter, Turtle, Eggwin, Skai, Paige,Cicely, Piper, Marshall, Dallin, Arron, Tori, Ander, Sandy (jonstreeter)
-Ari (Dragonzfang)
-Firepaw (JenKitti)
-dragonheart firestorm misty-blue ginger puss (butterflygirl2001
-Fireheart, Blazerhead, Heartycat, Pinkfur, Heartpaw, Spotsand, Rubypaw, Flamesand, Heartblaze, Sandblaze, Matryoshkakitty (HatsuneZatsune)
-Sunblaze, Dustypelt and Whisperfur (GamerGirl123)
-Goldenblaze, Tanblaze, Blazeface, Dotfur, Dotblaze,Aquaeye, Sandsplotch, and Mudcollar (Leafblaze)
-Gingerflame, Emberdance, Flamedancer, Suntrotter (Lukia26)

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