FOOL! Portal 2

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FOOL! You were a fool to come back, because I've trapped you again! >:D Helpless! You're at my mercy, and I don't have any.You're at my nothing! You're at m- you're at my lack of mercy!
-- Wheatley

hehehe. Been trying put a new technique to lip-sync and it turned out pretty good :3 I need Scratch 2 for this, and I was afraid it will lag a lot but it responded quickly than it used to so I'm glad! :D I animated in Scratch 2.0, wow.

I don't actually know what Portal is, all I know is GLaDOS and Whatley, and their quotes seemed to be really funny so I used them XD

34 scripts and 12 sprites for a 13-second animation. Wow. Over 100 views in less than a day. Wow. Portal sure is popular O.O

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