a new world (12)

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<< rules >>
GC123456 and side accounts can break these rules unless there is a * before the number

1. Don't skip lots of time!
*2. Don't change the world
3. Don't create worlds
*4. don't be OP
- GC_Collabs can only slightly break this
*5. Don't add new features too often
6. no creating new rules: only propose them if there isn't already
8. don't start natural disasters or any event of destruction
- you can break this to a very limited extent: no mass collapses!!
*9. there can only be a maximum of 99 rules in this section

these next rules are mainly about when we travel out of this mundo
101. don't create new planets
*102. don't be quick at dem rockets
103. no summoning black holes
*104. If enough time has passed, you may allow a star to go through aging, but it must go through the proper aging procedure. (to find out how, use wikipedia to find the life of a star)
*105. there may be a maximum of 99 rules in this section

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