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*PRESS space* this is the intro 4 my 1st RPG! keep reading this 4 intro!


every family has their secrets. but this family secret is dangerous. you see people are aware about so called "mythical beings" and "mythical creatures". they know they do rlly exist. they know they have to share their world with many different species, but that doesn't mean everyone has accepted it. even though it's been many centuries, there's still people who look down on different species & that don't accept them as people just like them. they consider them outsiders. they think they should just dissappear. so u can see why this family has kept the secret about what they are 4 so long! but even their careful avoidance of interacting too much with humans or people they didn't know couldn't stop THIS from happening! now scared they will have to hide their faces & go 2 extreme measures 2 save themselves. but unfortunately, there's a horrible twist. & suddenly they have to fght 4 their own lives.. not everyone who's in family's lives.. but pretty much only their own! they find themselves questioning who they can trust! & will also find out that there's a traitor among them! even a family of creepy dark angels like them can't escape the mess that the future has 4 them! if u can, WILL U HELP THM? or WILL U LET THM KILL EACH OTHER OFF & LEAVE THEM 2 FACE THEIR OWN DESTINIES ALONE? that's the question. 2 find out what happens 2 your favorite dark angel family check out the dark angel rpg. *P

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