3D Faroes Eclipse Experience

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LATEST NEWS: Back from Iceland now - saw Aurora! :)
Get ready for the Great American Eclipse of 2017 (August 21st).
Caught brief glimpses of eclipse totality through grey cloud cover. :)
Didn't catch either diamond ring, unfortunately. :(

Now you too can stand under the shadow of the moon and watch in amazement as the Sun turns black!

This project gives a bit of an idea of what a total eclipse is like. The time of totality I've used here (2m25s) is the time from the most north-western parts of the Faroes. Towards the south of the map the time of totality should drop to only a few seconds. (I didn't bother to go into such detail here...)

Each cell is roughly 200m x 200m, I'd estimate.

It's a really good idea to ensure you run this with as little else happening on your computer as possible... so close all those other tabs, quit any other running apps, etc.


The terrain data for the Faroes came from NASA's SRTM database.
The earth image with the eclipse track came from thesciencegeek, where you can read all about the upcoming eclipse:

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