SquirellFlight Must Not Chase the Boys

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Better on Java player.

GAHH! I had about a minute of my Bluestar amv finished and ready to upload when I went to go open the file and it said "File may be damaged (bad header)" And it would not open. I wanted to cry....but instead I worked my frustration into another animation (I'm so odd ) so this ***short*** little clip is my "grieving" for my lost time and effort.

It's Squriellflight whinning about how she cant pick Ashy or Bramble. Yeah I know it's short, but again, I wasnt TRYING to make anything. I was working my anger out on something X) So enjoy my frustration while it plays Hahaa

If anyone has ANY ideas how to retrieve my "corrupted" scratch file, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me! I will love you forever!

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