walls base 2 glitch free(read updated notes!)

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Notes and Credits (added by co13)

PLEASE co13, If you never listen to me again make sure you listen just this once. SEQUECE your scripts, ORDERING the scripts fixed the glitch. If you use 1 script only for sprite movement, you will be able to fix glitches far more easily. I just put the arrows before the wall sensing so they cancel out after each frame.

Origional Project Notes:
Credit to fancypants36 for this. I improved it by slightly changing the sensing and using another costume to block the sensor. This way you can draw the character you want instead of only being able to use the sensor as the costume. I'm sure alot of others know how to make this kind of sprite. I just was looking through old projects or my scratch downloads and I found this. I stoped working on my other projects(new) and improved this since I liked the movement. I probably will make this into a full game. You can use as long as you give me and fancypants36 credit.

co13's updated notes: Play on flash since the fixed glitch on the flash causes you to see the sensor when downloaded (,unlike my version). The wall sensing works better thanks to skeletonxf. If you are going to use this, give me, skeletenxf, and fancypants36 credit.

Fancypants36 created the wall sensing demo.
I(co13) the ability for the sprite to have a costume change without the user seeing the sensor
skeletonxf fixed the jerking
Note:There wasn't any jerking in the original. You can also play on the java.

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