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Hey guys, me and PapaPierrePizza are having a *drumroll* SCRATCH OFF! This is my entry, so see his and vote on this gallery:

JJROCKER is the one with brown hair.

Sorry guys, no lip-sync here today. The main point of the video is length and humor, not beautiful animation.

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: If you could turn anything into Jello, who/what would you do it to and why? PERSONAL ANSWER: Justin Bieber. No explanation needed.

To do list:
1: Finish Tim and Tom Part 2
2: Make another spoof song
3: Start earning money for new laptop as soon as possible. Starting tomorrow.
4: Make reference to my own video in class and watch as nobody gets the joke exept for two people.
5: Stop making a to do list for procrastinating while your supposed to be making the video.
7: Add a number six to the to do list.

RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm stuck in the Jungle in Epic Mickey. Any help? (I'm trying to find the third lantern)

*911 what is your emergency?*
"Yes! Crazy man is eating mai marshmallows!"
*Aww man it's you again*

PaperCuts is coming along nicely. Still planning, but I have quite a bit of the stuff so far. :D


I was eating a Subway sandwich the other day and went to a sport shop- place- type- thing. Anyway, I saw a football that costed $5. Now I can't get "Five dollar. Five dollar. Five dollar FOOTBALL!" out of my head. PLZ HELP.

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