NEON drawer

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Notes and Credits (added by Katie1000000)

Origonal Notes: draw art, scribbles, dots, faces and it will make it into a neon light art picture. you can let go with your mouse and start/finish anywhere.

first select a colour, then read the instructions and press 'a' then draw whatever you like and press space. the program does the rest!

change the background black and white by pressing 'w' and 'b'

by danatron1
copyright: danatronproductions

note: if you spend ages drawing and waiting then it will take ages to draw. it records you waiting while not drawing. the longer the picture, the longer the drawer

My Notes:
Well, I loved this so much, I downloaded it and fixed some scripts. IT NOW HAS BOTH NORMAL AND INVERTED IN ONE PROJECT!! I replaced a huge list with a few blocks in mutiple places and made the colors a bit brighter. So, yeah. 99% of credit to danatron1 for this outstanding idea and script. :D

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