StarHorse V.2

remixed by Appaloosa
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Notes and Credits (added by Appaloosa)

FEATURED?!?! Oh my goodness, thank you everyone! :D :D

So...after a few requests and some glitch reports, I've decided to make a V.3 ASAP! :D

Final Draft!! Yippee!

So, it took me a couple afternoons, but it's (mostly) finished! Enjoy!

PLEASE don't touch the edge of the presentation screen unless a sign points you that way. It screws things up otherwise.
The orange block in the lefthand top corner is the peppermint coins bank -- your money. You start out with 5 and earn more! I had to take the color change for the horse out, though. (It's hard to explain why!)
There's a few other mistakes for you to find...

-more characters
-food and pets
-Egg Drop (game)
-access to the house

Music: Fidessa-Chan and Strawberry-Coco
Horse Sprites: HoneyHorse11

Thanks everyone!

~ Appaloosa & Chip :3

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