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Use buttons to set spray size, drip and splatter effects and colour
Click the bin twice to clear your drawing

Scratch has recently "fixed" cloud data to make it useless for anything remotely complex, so the gallery has been disabled.

Notes and Credits

Featured 16/08/2014! Thanks for the support everyone!

Inspired by scratch.mit.edu/projects/196253/ by @m44

Update 23/02/2018:
Removed the save feature - it will return eventually

Update 10/03/2016:
Re-enabled the gallery

Update 07/03/2016:
Disabled the gallery until I can find a way to fix it

Update 28/05/2015:
Moved the gallery to scratch.mit.edu/studios/1265452/ because it was causing too much lag in this project

Update 21/08/2014:
Added a gallery feature

Update 19/08/2014:
Added a save feature
Fixed bugs when loading invalid codes

Update 17/08/2014:
Fixed some highlighting bugs

Update 01/08/2014:
Fixed some bugs involving size and drip colour
Added a highlight on the currently selected colour

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