EpicMag- Issue 3

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Notes and Credits (added by l0ve1y)

Here it is- the third issue of EpicMag!

Oops. Typo. Nyan Cat: The Game isn't by newareagle. It's by SeptimusHeap.

Sorry there wasn't a Featured Pokemon. X-Pachirisu-X quit because of school and other activities. D:

As always, click the music note to change the music!

pokemongardevoir's "Malware ": http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/pokemongardevoir/2376964

SeptimusHeaps's "Nyan Cat: The Game": http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/SeptimusHeap/1801269

Tigerfang123's page: http://scratch.mit.edu/users/Tigerfang123

Questions or comments? Feel free to post them at the EpicMag office! http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/158701
(But that doesn't mean you shouldn't comment on this project! :P)

Enjoy, and don't forget to love-it!


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