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Yep... I've made it official.

It's going to be based on kirbies, now that I feel like I've made enough kirby charries about this =.=

If you guys don't remember the ones I've mentioned, I'll repeat them:


Those are some charries.

Now, the series I was thinking of was there are three little "towns"

Dream Village: The actual town where the kirbies live
Galaxia Clan: A group of kirbies who exile "Misfits" (Kirbies with strange powers) out of Dream Village and reside near the Wish Oasis in the Galaxy Desert (Named because it's as if it never ends). they actually live in a camp near the Oasis and the Star Pyramid.
and Star Clan: A group of exiled kirbies who banded together in hopes of driving Galaxia Clan out and reside at Starry Beach

And It's told from Kirby's point of view. He works with Star Clan after arriving in Dream Village and figuring out the scenario.

I was thinking, for names, either:

Kirby and the divided town: 0

Kirby and the battle for freedom: 2


Kirby's Quest For Peace: 3 (DialgaThornShadow)

if anyone has ANY OTHER NAMES feel free to tell me because I... I can't think of any thing else..


Book then Animated series: 0

Just Book: 1

Let Me Know ;)


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